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05 February 2016 (06:46) by God Koolbain - Shop

Today the points system in the store has undergone a minor revamp to allow the sale of cheaper items in the store. This does not change any previous offers. They was set to that rate. If you currently have points available on your account use a help desk Ticket we will adjust points on an individual basis as you report to us. Again thanks for playing Dekx OT. You patience will help us make a better server. 

03 February 2016 (08:31) by Impulss - Server Migration

The server has officially been moved to San Francisco! We migrated last night (AUS time). Everything was moved over and started back up within 30 minutes. 

A few users were having DNS issues. The old hostname hadn't been changed to point to the new server ip. This has been rectified, so all host names will point to the correct servers now. Otherwise, just flush your DNS cache.

We are planning some new map updates over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. There are lots of exciting things going on.


31 January 2016 (03:01) by God Koolbain - HELP Via Teamspeak Anytime


30 January 2016 (06:40) by God Koolbain -

To use the following features say them in local chat. House commands need to be said at the door of the house.